Books of 2019

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This is list of the books I’ve read in 2019 and the books I’m currently reading or books that are yet unfinished for one reason or another.

I used to have this list on instagram as posts on each book but I feel this kind of resource serves best both you and me. The list is updated regularly so make sure you put it in your favourites or bookmarks, so you can find it later on too.

And if you know someone who would like to see this too, feel free to share this and don’t forget to reach me in social media with your book recommendations too. Maybe I’ll do a second list about those! ♡

Oh and the books with ♡ symbol are my highly recommended ones.

** Affiliate links, if you buy via this kind of link, I will get few cents of your purchase, I solemnly swear that all those funds will go uncut to the library overdue payments. If you’re not sure if you should sponsor my local library, please consider a moment on how much time it took to actually put all this links in place. 😉



Pirunkuru – Milla Ollikainen **

Nukketalo – Kristina Ohlsson **

Tuhatkaunot – Kristina Ohlsson **

Varjelijat – Kristina Ohlsson **

Paratiisiuhrit – Kristina Ohlsson **

Footprints on the moon – Seth Godin

Syntitaakka – Kristina Ohlsson **

The War of Art – Steven Pressfield ** ♡

The Coaching Habit – Michael Bungay Stanier ** ♡

Poika pimeästä – Samuel Bjørk **

Kenenkään ei pitänyt tietää – Reneé Knight **

Hiljainen tyttö – Tess Gerritsen **

Tappava salaisuus – Tess Gerritsen **

Lapsen sydän – Tess Gerritsen

Failed it! – Erik Kessels **

Get your sh*t together Journal – Sarah Knight **

Unissakävelijä – Anna Jansson **

Unfu*k yourself – Gary John Bishop **

When Breath becomes Air – Paul Kalanithi ** ♡

4 hour Workweek – Tim Ferriss ** ♡

Illuusio näyttämöllä – Liisa Palin & Merja Tuohimaa **

Steal like an Artist – Austin Kleon ** ♡

The Art of Possibility – Rosamund Stone Zander ** ♡

DO/FLY – Gavin Strange ** ♡

Naiset, joita ajattelen öisin – Mia Kankimäki **

Rework – Jason Fried & David Hansson ** ♡

Where’s my f**king unicorn? – Michelle Gordon **

Aavetyttö – Torey Hayden **

Yökierto – Helene Tursten **

Asioita, jotka tekevät kodin – Sara Karlsson ** ♡

Motiivi X – Stefan Anhem **

Sysipimeä – Pekka Hiltunen **

The Secret – Rhonda Byrne **

Think like a Freak – Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner **

Harha-askel – Maria Adolfsson **

Sokea hetki – Anna Jansson **

Hukkuneet – Jaakko Melentjeff  **

Toisten lapset – Torey Hayden **

Huonossa seurassa – Viveca Sten **

Darwinin seitti – Taavi Soininvaara **

Pyörre – Yrsa Sigurdadottir **

Papin kosto – Jaakko Melentjeff **

Outoja lintuja – Anna Jansson **

Kastanjamies – Søren Sveistrup **

Huonossa seurassa – Viveca Sten **

Hylynryöstäjä – Anna Jansson  **

Rakkautta, rukouksia ja rauhoittavia – Kristiina Hanhirova **

Osasto 73 – Sofie Sarenbrandt **

Voittamisen anatomia – Aki Hintsa ** ♡

Lapsi muiden joukossa – Torey Hayden **

Avoimet ovet – Sofie Sarenbrandt **

The Lonely Creative, True Stories that will help you and your business grow – Timo Kiuru ** ♡

Mykkä huuto – Poika, joka jäi oman kehonsa vangiksi – Martin Pistorius ♡

Irina Tundra K18 – Christian Rönnbacka **

Tuomiopäivä – Mariette Lindstein **

Ehdoton valta – Mariette Lindstein **

Kun jää pettää alta – Camilla Creble **

Nollakansalaiset – Christina Larsson **

How to not always be working – Marlee Grace **

Armonisku – Christina Larsson **

Siluetti – Christina Larsson **

Et pääse pakoon – Christina Larsson **

Likainen työ – Christina Larsson **

Entiset heterot – Rose-Marie Peake & Outi Santavuori **

Jälkikasvukausi – Roope Lipasti **

Viides Mooseksen kirja – Christina Larsson **

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