Books of 2020

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This is the fresh new list of the books I’ve read in 2020.

I used to have this list on instagram as posts on each book but I feel this kind of resource serves best both you and me. The list is updated regularly so make sure you put it in your favourites or bookmarks, so you can find it later on too.

And if you know someone who would like to see this too, feel free to share this and don’t forget to reach me in social media with your book recommendations too. Maybe I’ll do a second list about those! โ™ก

Oh and the books with โ™ก symbol are my highly recommended ones.

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Haudattu uhka โ€“ Risto Isomรคki
Paperilla toinen โ€“ Emmi-Liia Sjรถholm
Helsinki 12 โ€“ Tuomas Vimma
Toinen โ€“ Tuomas Vimma
Herรครคminen โ€“ Risto Isomรคki
Pรคin punaista โ€“ Anne Kukkohovi
Enkeleitรค ja yksisarvisia โ€“ Tuomas Vimma
Wanted – Suomen etsityimmรคn rikollisen tarina โ€“ toim. Pekka Lehtinen
Syvรคlle haudattu โ€“ Jarkko Sipilรค
Kuolemattomat โ€“ Alberto Giuliani
Rikottu enkeli โ€“ Tara Koivukoski
Satutettu lapsi โ€“ Torey Hayden

Currently reading:

Awaken the Giant Within โ€“ Tony Robbins
Small Is the New Big โ€“ Seth Godin
Toisinpรคin โ€“ Maria Veitola

New in journal


Corona Diaries | Sunday collage poems

It started as a small DIY idea to do with my daughter and ended up being the quite accurate entry of the feelings right now. Kinda like Corona Diaries of this very moment.


Eat the frog

We have a tendency to avoid the hard parts. To postpone the difficult task and to procrastinate the ones that make us uncomfortable. No need to be ashamed though, thatโ€™s only a very human thing to do. Eat the frog is a technique that helps you go over that.


One wish at the time

It’s hard to admit but I’m one of those moms who work too much and say way too often that ‘let’s think about it later’. After this whole new life with even more on my plate at the same time, I find it even harder to be present and have enough time for everything. So …

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