• Hello from the past you

    The daily text of today is not in here. It’s actually a letter to myself to be opened on January 11th, 2021. I’ve done one in school years and years ago (my daughter actually did the same quite recently) but after that, I got back to this lovely little piece of a routine last year. …

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  • Tools of the trade

    Managing multiple businesses means that you need exactly the right tools of the trade too to keep everything in control. Throughout the years I’ve tried several different software (and hardware) and by trial and error finally found the right ones which work perfectly for me. I’ve also found many that don’t fit my personal (or …

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  • Things I’ve done this year

    It’s the fifth of January and it feels like I’ve already done so much. I tried to avoid overplanning at the beginning of the year but it doesn’t take away the energy wave I’m currently riding on (and which keeps me awake at night too). In good and in bad.

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  • Minnie Mouse themed birthday party | Dots and some DIY

    We have this birthday tradition with my daughter that she picks the theme and I do my magic. This year she wished to have a Minnie Mouse birthday party, so I’ve been seeing dots for several weeks now. Everything culminated on Saturday when the actual party took place at our home.

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