• Matcha latte love

    You know those delicious images of mugs full of green and foamy drink that have taken over Instagram? As a serious coffee addict I’m usually quite sceptical about other drinks but I felt so drawn to this beautiful green drink so I decided to give it a go and learn a bit more about it. …

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  • That time of the month

    I used to hate that time of the month. The whole world seemed to crash down on me and the pain was horrible. Both physically and mentally. But this time I’m prepared!

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  • Let the magic happen

    You never know what awaits just around the corner. I have my moments of doubts and disbelief but in the end, something better always comes.

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  • Sage + Tea Face Mist

    I love face mist. I like the refreshing feeling when used during the day and the hydrating essence of them. The problem is that I couldn’t find the face mist of my dreams even I tried. I have just three rules for mists (and cosmetics in general too) but it seems that market is seriously …

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  • The Morning Pages – Where the magic happens

    I’ve started the morning pages habit quite many times and failed to do it almost as often. For me tweaking stuff to fit to my own path and breaking the rules when necessary are the way of life. I have to admit that it works quite well with everything else but with the Morning Pages, …

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  • The beginning

    Sometimes it feels like the end but is actually the beginning. You cannot expect new things to happen if you’re not willing to let some old ones to go.

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