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  • Monthly review | How to do it

    I document and reflect my life in many ways but one of the most insightful is definitely monthly review. I tried different versions of this and last year it finally molded in this form as it is now. For February I just finished doing my monthly review so now it’s a great time to tell …

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  • The Miracle Lines | Aura notebook family expands

    Let me introduce you to the Miracle Lines. These babies fresh from the printing company include several motivational quotes and some questions to guide you towards your dream life.

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  • Tools of the trade

    Managing multiple businesses means that you need exactly the right tools of the trade too to keep everything in control. Throughout the years I’ve tried several different software (and hardware) and by trial and error finally found the right ones which work perfectly for me. I’ve also found many that don’t fit my personal (or …

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